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Design Of A Prosthetic Swimming Leg

One with the Water® recently completed, with Della Tosin, a design student from Indonesia studying at the Pasadena, California, Art Center College of Design, Project Elle. One with the Water®’s professional participation was that of mentor and swimming expert. Working with Della, One with the Water® assisted her in designing a leg with attached swimwear that would most replicate and assist an amputee swimming in overcoming a lack of balance and gain stability and mechanical advantages of a human leg.

The final design features a support liner and elastic bands sewn into compression fabrics. We created an adjustable air chamber to provide buoyancy for maintaining the streamline position. The “ankle” is flexible to optimize starts and turns! And it comes with an interchangeable fin, depending on the swimmer’s foot size.


Kenny is a baby Bottlenose dolphin, of the genus Tursiops, one of the most common and well-known members of the family Delphinidae, the family of oceanic dolphin. He is very playful and friendly and loves to frequently leap above the water surface. Kenny plays with water toys, enjoys making bubble rings, and plays well with other dolphins or other animals.

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