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Surprising New Research: Autism and Swimming

Recent studies have provided startling and potentially worrisome news about Autism and injury mortality rates – scientific jargon for causes of death among people with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD). Swimming lessons are vital to protect the life of a child with ASD....
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Four Swimming Safety Myths Debunked

My grandma Betty ruled the roost with an iron fist. Only 30 minutes of TV time. Only one person at a time opens Christmas presents. Come when the dinner bell rings. And, never, EVER go swimming right after you eat. (Difficult because she lived in Florida for as long I knew her,...

Accidental Drowning is Preventable With Swimming Lessons

My mother put me in the water before I was six months old. We have pictures of it, sepia-toned snapshots of my mother in all her feather-haired glory holding me out so I could kick my legs. I was jumping off the diving board by age two, much to the chagrin of the parents around...