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Masters Swimming in Berkeley

Want to join an adult swim program or Masters swim team in Berkeley? We have an adult swimming program that is right for you.

Our master’s swimming and adult swim program in Berkeley is for all levels regardless of your current fitness level, from novice swimmers improving their stroke technique to advanced swimmers who know that swimming is a great way to stay healthy.

Master’s Swimming

Our Master’s swimming offers swim workouts, swim stroke clinics and participation in local, regional and national Masters swim competitions throughout the United States. Whether you are looking to improve your stroke technique or join a Masters swim team and compete with other swimmers of similar swimming abilities, our Master’s swim program will turn you into a better swimmer – fast!

Open Water Swimming Program

The swimming leg of a triathlon is often the most difficult and challenging leg for triathletes. Our open water swimming program focuses on proper swim technique, breath training, and endurance conditioning in the open water environment. Our specialized open water swim program gets you comfortable swimming in the open water and will help you feel more confident in the swimming leg of a triathlon race.

Online Swimming Workouts

Online swim workouts, written by coach Kenneth, a U.S. Masters Swimming certified Level 3 coach, are one of the many great benefits of One with the Water membership. Access our selection of swim workouts that fit your swimming goals. Plus, we can custom design workouts for you to help you achieve your goals! Please contact us or Register Now to get started today!

One with the Water Swim School Los Angeles

Swim Lessons at King Pool Berkeley
(Depending upon availability)
1700 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707

Call: 323-364-Swim (7946)

One with the Water Swim School Los Angeles

Swim Lessons at West Campus Pool Berkeley
(Depending upon availability)
2100 Browning St, Berkeley, CA 94702

Call: 323-364-Swim (7946)

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