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Swim Class Testimonials

We’re so happy with One with the Water! We signed up for once a week semi-private swim lessons for our daughters (ages 5 and 7) because we wanted to be sure they knew how to be safe in the water.

Although the youngest is like a fish in the water, the oldest had some anxiety about getting in the water. After a few short months, the oldest is now significantly more comfortable in the water and is learning how to properly swim.

Each of the swim instructors has been great and has tailored the lessons to match the swimming abilities of each of my daughters. I’m so glad we found One with the Water!

Karen E

Liam had his first swimming lesson with Coach Kenneth From One with the Water. He said, “Coach Kenneth was so encouraging.” He had Liam diving for torpedoes and I have never seen Liam submerged before 🙂 Thank you!

Mrs. E. Morales

Coach Kenneth, I am writing to say how grateful I am to you for teaching me how to swim with ease and confidence. Though I had been swimming since I was a kid, as an adult, I wasn’t comfortable in the water. I would watch others swim for what seemed like hours with no effort and, no matter how much I tried, it was hard for me to swim more than a lap without getting tired. I can hardly believe that I’m now swimming a mile and having fun doing it! Your patience and enthusiasm, your drills and instructions, have made it possible to advance in technique in just a few weeks. I also think your love of swimming – your positive outlook and reinforcement – makes it easy to love all the practice. Thanks for passing along all your secrets!

Mr. Jeff Geoffray

Sunday: My run was great today (8 miles), and my pace was actually faster than it has been since I started the One with the Water Invincible Tri-Athletes Program just 4 weeks ago. Breathing through the nose is getting easier and coming more naturally. I need to slow down though in order to get to 18 strides per breath (in and out). I am currently at 16.

Tuesday: Ran this morning and felt awesome with the One with the Water Invincible Tri-Athletes Program and nose breathing. Staying connected to my body instead of trying to disconnect. It’s so simple and effective! I feel like when I’m doing it right I am fully connected mind and body – I could just keep running forever. Loving it!

Allison Ewart

One with the Water®’s Coach is one of the best swim coaches I have ever had. Every lesson has a great deal of understandable take home value.

Dr. John Bell

One with the Water’s Flip-Turn Clinic was amazing. The swim coach was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and broke down the elements of the flip-turn into easily understandable steps. The video was very helpful and the in-pool demonstration and coaching was great. The swim coach easily and clearly answered all of our questions. We were coached on how to become more efficient swimmers. I highly recommend One with the Water and their flip-turn clinic to everyone. With some practice, no more stopping at the wall!

Mr. Peter Steinberg, Esq.

I passed the California State Beach Lifeguard test! I killed it, finished my 1000 meter freestyle swim in 17:21. Thank you so much for your workout guidance! It helped me tremendously and I’m super grateful!

Alex M

I am so happy about the progress our daughter has made! She is not scared anymore and now starting to swim! I believe this gave her confidence in other areas of her life (to speak to others). Immensely grateful! I am using this success exemple to tell her how she can do things that seem scary.

Melanie M.

I cannot wait to be a strong swimmer, so I can swim every day. For those few seconds, I am one with the water, it feels like being in meditation, in such a beautiful, peaceful world. Thank you for giving me this gift of freedom in the water.

Ms. Cintra Charbonnet

I’ll never forget my first swim lesson with Coach Kenneth of One with the Water. He asked me to kick with a kick-board: I went backward! As a 40-year old who desperately wanted to become a better swimmer, I was extremely lucky to find Coach Kenneth. Six months later I am swimming 2000+ yards per workout, including freestyle, and I am proficient in all four strokes. I never dreamed that possible. Coach Kenneth is an outstanding teacher and motivator. I feel so lucky to have trained with him.

Mr. Scott Greenberg

I can’t thank One with the Water enough. In just 5 sessions, through swim drills and very practical and specific corrections to the inefficiencies in my form, I went from struggling to finish 125 meters to swimming an unbroken 500m in about 6 weeks. This last week I swam a full 750m. My chief worry about the sprint triathlon I have coming up had been just finishing the swim portion, but after all the progress I’ve made since starting with One with the Water, I’m more focused now on how fast I can finish the swim leg, rather than just getting through it. Thanks a ton!

Mr. Otto Penzato

I’m a Navy Veteran who ironically was never taught proper swimming techniques. The instructor’s teaching style couldn’t have been better. She quickly made me confident in my weaknesses and instinctively knew when I was ready to be pushed, even before I realized it. The result: I was swimming by the third class! I was overjoyed. I now know a freedom I never knew and have a strength I never had before. [Veteran, U.S. Navy]

Ms. Sandie Collins

I would like to thank you so much for teaching me how to swim. You taught me something that is life changing, especially when I’m from a town where everyone knows how to swim. Plus, I cannot describe the joy I feel while I’m swimming in the water; such a leisurely activity. What you and Coach Kenneth teach can be equivalent to teaching people how to write and read, because swimming is not just a sport; it is much much more. Whenever I swim back home in the southern Mediterranean or anywhere else, I will always remember that I was taught how to swim by coach Ali. (^_^).

Ihab Kanoun

The One with the Water instructors were fantastic! They are very knowledgeable and friendly. I came away with a lot of ways to refine my swim technique as I train for my upcoming triathlon.

Paul V

Rhys had a great lesson with Coach Tico. Coach Tico provided great feedback and Rhys really seemed to have a good rapport with him and his instincts were spot on. Rhys really responded well.

Ami B

Swim coach Mallory had an opening that was really convenient for my schedule. I had a great swim lesson, and she fantastically represented your organization. Currently, I’m practicing what she covered with me and will sign up for another lesson once I’ve gotten down the pointers she gave me. You all are great: I love working with you! Thanks for all your support.

Mr. Brian Boyl

This weekend, my son and I had a great time in Palm Springs, celebrating Mother’s Day. I felt so much joy and pride watching him play in the pool, water slides, and lazy river with his friends. He had so much fun! That, however, was not the case last year when we went to Palm Springs for our annual Mother’s Day weekend. Last year, he was scared to be in the water and watched his friends go down the water slides. He sat at the edge of the pool most of the time, only going in when I carried him and held him while in the water. He has so much confidence now. He is not afraid of being in the water. It made my heart so happy to watch him having so much fun! Thank you, Coach Kenneth, you are the best!

Ms. Cintra Charbonnet

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the experience Ezzy had swimming with Kenneth. It was really amazing. Kenneth had an incredibly chilled but fun energy that Ezzy totally connected to. He was learning, but having a blast at the same time. I literally would hear him laughing his head off for most of the swim lesson. More importantly though, 8 lessons later, he was swimming. Kenneth had a perfect balance of pushing Ezzy past his comfort zone, but never scaring or forcing him through something as I have seen other instructors do in the past. I highly recommend Kenneth to all my friends and would use him again in a heartbeat.

Mrs. Sarah Zavdi

Mallika is doing wonderfully these days. She’s swimming independently now from one end of the pool to the other. She goes to swimming 3 times a week. And it’s amazing to see her confidence in the water now. Thank you to you for all your hard work. It is really unbelievable what she is able to do now.

Anuj S.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to One with the Water’s Coach Ali for our swim lessons. I’m so amazed by how far Nico has come in just a few short swimming lessons – and more importantly, he is really having fun! Coach Ali’s great smile and sense of humor make it easy for Nico to connect with her – so important in developing a sense of trust. And she does a great job of pushing Nico’s comfort zone each week, without going too far and scaring him away. Thank you!

Meredith & Nico Shaikh

Mrs. Maria Cupp

Jeremy Newman

Kenneth was amazing with both of my sons who are one and a half and four years old. My older one has autism and the younger one was just plain scared. Kenneth was so calm and patient with both of them. In one lesson he had my older son progressing beyond what we hoped for for the whole season. He was also very professional, kind, and easygoing. I highly recommend One with the Water and will definitely have them provide swim lessons for us next summer.

Tracy Sternhell

Sara had an AMAZING swim class yesterday! We have a wonderful swimming instructor. She really helped Sara to get over her fear of the water and even with just the 1st class I can already see an overall boost with her self-esteem! My oldest daughter Kara has taken swimming lessons before, but I have yet to see a swim instructor as patient, caring and as enthusiastic as the One with the Water coaches! I am so happy Sara and Kara are learning with One with the Water!

Melanie Norman

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your wonderful staff, Coach Aviva. She helped me learn and become comfortable in the water. As an adult I never thought I would be able to learn to swim. Aviva helped me overcome my fears in the pool. She really was a great teacher. I’m excited to be able to swim with my special needs son on vacation in Hawaii next month. I would recommend your company to my family and friends.

Greta M.

Mrs. Linda

Mrs. Mariana Castro

It is really hard to learn swimming as adult. But swim coaches Kenneth and Silke made it easier for me. With their amazing knowledge and experience, I was able to learn to swim on my own after only 5 swimming classes! I worked with coach Silke most of the time, she is very nice and patient with me, taught me a lot of techniques, and always encouraged me to continue enjoyment through swimming. They also work with a lot of kids and teach them how to swim. It was great experience for me and I would strongly recommend their classes!

Jian Z.

As a swim instructor, Kenneth’s knowledge and experience allowed him to quickly pinpoint my swimming strokes and correct them with simple techniques to follow which helped me greatly improve my swimming skills, efficiency and speed.

I have also watched Kenneth help many handicapped children through One With the Water. It is easy to see how his foundation makes these children happy, helps to builds their self-confidence, and encourages them to continue such enjoyment through swimming.

Kenneth and his foundation are a must to support in any way possible!

Chelsea S.

I am so thankful I found One with the Water! I have two boys, 6 and 8. One of them has been diagnosed with autism and the other one was so scared he wouldn’t even put his toes in the water at his first lesson. Silke was so patient and gracious with both boys. Today was their 4th swimming lesson and BOTH of them were floating on their backs by themselves, going under the water, and my son with the autism diagnosis was swimming on his own! He looked up at me with a huge smile on his face and I couldn’t have been more proud. I would HIGHLY recommend swim lessons from One With the Water.

Crystal Dodson

Mrs. Marilou Lim

Brendan Jones

These swimming lessons mean the world to Tzvi and make such a difference in his life! Silke is so incredible as well, she is really a special person and so good with him! So thank you, and keep up the amazing work you guys do!

Chaya Chazanow

My son started taking swimming lessons with Kenneth 8 weeks ago and loves everything he’s learning. He’s 2 years old and has become so comfortable in the water. He’s practicing everything Kenneth has taught him in the bathtub and can’t wait to see him each week!

Michelle G.

We have found swimming works best for autism therapy. Thanks for noticing Benny’s growth. We stopped neoru-fit quite a while ago and started movement rhythm therapy with a specialist, but I think he has just been helped by the swim lessons.

Rebecca Sperber

Angela Jones

Ms. Liliana

Noah and I have greatly enjoyed working with Coach Natalie. She is very patient, kind and has been very helpful in Noah’s baby swimming lessons.

Ernie & Noah Vazquez

I just had my last class with One with the Water. I’m happy to report that I am swimming! Matthew is an incredible teacher who helped me feel comfortable and confident in the water in just five lessons. I’m very thankful to him and to One with the Water. Thank you!

Yuri Chien

Thanks for your work with Connor. He wasn’t quite able to swim before but is now swimming and comfortable in the water after just 6 lessons!

Peter Hutchinson

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