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Swim Lessons at Home

Learn to swim in the comfort of your home pool with private swim lessons. We tailor all of our swim lessons to the needs of each individual and build confident swimmers through our proven swim instruction.

Bring Our Swim School to Your Home Pool
We provide group or private swim lessons at your home for all levels and ability.

Swim Lessons at Home

Swim Lessons for Kids

Our swim lessons for children are designed to teach your child to swim by the end of just eight swim lessons.

Swim Lessons for Adults

Adults shouldn’t be shy or embarrassed by their swimming skills. Learning to swim later in life can be a fun and richly rewarding experience!

Special Needs Swim Lessons

Our Adaptive Sports Swim Program for adults and the Dolphin Swim Program for children is designed for persons with cognitive or physical challenges, what we prefer to call flawless imperfections. No matter what your ability, we will help you to become the best swimmer you can be.

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