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Do you ever look around and wish you could be the hero to the people of your community?

Where do you start? What do you do? How can an everyday person effect heroic change in others? So often, just keeping up with a family, home, and career seem to ask more of you than you can give.

But we know the inner call to help others is persistent and won’t go away. And you know deep down there are people needing help who won’t get it if you don’t act.

Something has to be done.

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What if you could be the hero in the life of another? What if you could bring life change to people in your community?

giving tuesday, swim lessons, adaptive athletes, special needs. It’s possible.

Let me tell you a story about real change happening right here, right now.

Nicole was born healthy. For seven years, she was a normal, happy vivacious girl – until the seizures started. At age seven, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, which spiraled rapidly out of control. Therapy, medication, nothing worked to slow her seizures, which culminated in a seizure that left her with permanent damage on her right side. Nicole was forced to relearn everything – how to walk, how to talk, how to eat and drink. Two years ago, she underwent extensive brain surgery to halt the seizures, but Nicole and her mother and family were left with the aftermath of her worst seizure.

When Nicole started swimming lessons with One with the Water, she rolled onto the pool deck in a wheelchair. Now, she walks onto the pool deck with her mother and brother each day, a huge grin on her face. The benefits of swimming are evident in all her therapies, increasing her strength and mobility at a rapid rate.  She loves the water most though, and for those 30 minutes each time, she works hard, stretching her arms across the lane, stitching uncooperative muscle fiber and wayward neurons back together. For Nicole, swimming has restored her in more ways than one. When you talk to her mother and brother, you can hear it in their voices; you can hear it in their story. Their grief at what once was, their grace for what is, and their hope for what will be. And above all, love and pride for their beautiful, smiling Nicole.

Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, you have the opportunity to be the neighborhood hero and offer life changing transformation to local kids who need it most. 

Nicole is a member of our Adaptive Athlete swim team.

When our adaptive athletes begin training, expert coaches assess their unique needs and design a custom training plan to build their awareness and confidence in the water. They learn what success looks like, both in competition and in life.

In addition, swimming provides measurable health and therapeutic benefits for our special needs community, in and out of the water. From better balance and gross motor skills, to improved speech and communication, our athletes are changing their lives by learning to swim. Their risk of accidental drowning plummets by 88%. Being a part of a team reduces isolation and creates positive peer relationships that carry over outside of the pool. And finally, they have the confidence to conquer their fears.

Be A Local Hero

We know you want to be compassionate, involved members of your community. When you donate to One with the Water, you create real and lasting change in the lives of our adaptive athletes. They are confident, courageous, successful, and safe, thanks to you!

All you need to do is give.

  • $180 a month provides a child access to the life-changing swim team preparing them for high school and college!
  • $275 a month teaches a special needs child the lifesaving skill of swimming.

Hear this: Every dollar you give, whether it’s $10 or $200, goes DIRECTLY to providing swim lessons. Each penny counts, so don’t be intimidated by large amounts. It takes a village, and you are ours.

Communities are changing. Families are changing. Lives are changing. Don’t miss your chance.

Donate Today





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