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What are the qualities of a good coach?

What are the qualities of a good coach?

Google “fitness coach near me” and prepare to be overwhelmed by the results. If the definition of a coach is to train or teach an individual in a particular skill, then anyone can slap a label on and call themselves a coach. But what makes a good coach?...
Danielle Wahl is One with the Water

Danielle Wahl is One with the Water

Water is one of the essential elements for survival. Simply put, life would not exist without it. Yet, the beauty of water goes beyond the forging of a living soul. Water creates endless possibilities within life. Water carries us from shore to shore on Earth. Water...

The art of deep practice in the pool.

Deep practice, a term coined by coach Daniel Coyle in his New York Times bestselling book The Talent Code, is an integral part of our coaching process. Deep practice involves specific, targeted creation of myelin in a way that optimizes each movement and memory we...

How many calories does swimming burn?

This question gets asked of us a lot, so we thought we’d take the time to review the answer. First, understand that swimming is among the top endurance sports for calorie burning with the added benefit of it being non-impact (versus running) and full body...
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