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4 Lessons Successful Athletes Can Teach Us

4 Lessons Successful Athletes Can Teach Us

What lessons can we learn from the most successful athletes? It’s easy to look at the best in the world and think we could never compare. But the truth is, while we may not have the hand-eye coordination necessary to hit a baseball flying at close to 100 miles per...

Do I really need adult swim lessons?

Short answer: Yes. Yes, you do. It is not all about the kids! When we think about swim lessons, we automatically think about children. The truth is, many adults need and would benefit from swim lessons. According to a national survey done by the American Red Cross,...

On Healthy Competition

Do you worry about your child’s ability to focus? My nine year old is creative, witty, and smart. In addition, she has a short attention span and a serious lack of follow through. She took gymnastics for six years, soccer for a few seasons, and is currently...
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