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Attention parents, teachers, and coaches!  Do you have a swimmer (or a kiddo who wants to learn)? Are you struggling to manage your high-schooler’s class schedule as they prepare for college? Well, we might just be able to help? Did you know that our swim coaching program qualifies as Independent Study in Physical Education for grades 7-12?

Independent Study in Physical Education

In brief, Independent Study in Physical Education (ISPE) is a Physical Education option put forth by the California Department of Education and approved by the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. Essentially ISPE allows students to participate in physical education learning outside of school hours and off school property. Additionally, ISPE creates the opportunity for students to experience advanced levels of activity not typically available in the district. In order for a program to be ISPE eligible, the following is required:

  • Must be a significantly different program from what is offered by district.
  • Applicant must be competitive at state, regional, or local level.
  • Approved ISPE programs must be structured programs taught by qualified coaches responsible for supervising, documenting and verifying student participation, progress and performance.
  • Approved ISPE programs must engage students for a minimum of 250 minutes for each 5 school days (weekend events not included), in physical activity, support personal growth, and promote healthy living and physical activity as lifelong goals, and adhere to the state’s content standards in physical education.

One with the Water Coaching

swim coach, coaching, competition, Independent Study in Physical EducationOur swim team programs are taught by expert coaches with years of experience competing, teaching, and coaching. We maintain our certifications and our physical condition, to ensure you get the best swim coaches in the business. Our instructors continue to compete at the professional and amateur level, and most have competed at the collegiate level.

At One with the Water, our lessons are not a one-size-fits-all coaching. Every lesson is customized to fit your experience, personality, and strengths. Additionally, we are equipped to teach children & adults with: ADD & ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Down and CHARGE syndrome, Sensory Integration Issues, auditory processing disorders, amputation, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, spinal cord injury, obesity, and other disabilities.

Our students have gone onto to compete in the ParaOlympics as well as swimming competitively at the high school and collegiate level. Combine your child’s love of the water with a time-efficient way to meet district standards and manage their schedule appropriately … all while reaping the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of swimming.

Follow the link for ISPE application forms and detailed program instructions.

No high schoolers at your house? Help us serve the underserved in your community by providing lessons to low income students and students with special needs. Partner with us today and you can be a hero to those that lack traditional access to swimming and swimming lessons.


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