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25 May 2017

Mayor Jeffrey Cooper – – (310) 253-6041
Vice Mayor – Thomas Aujero Small – – (310) 253-6000
Council Member Jim B. Clarke – – (310) 775-1664
Council Member Göran Eriksson – – (310) 559-6015
Council Member Meghan Sahli-Wells – – (310) 845-5831

Dear Mayor Cooper, Vice Mayor Small, and Council Members,

I am writing to inform you of a decades-long policy change at the Culver City Municipal Plunge that is a dramatic change and will greatly decrease the revenue from adult patrons during the summer. For the last eleven years, I have been using the Culver City Municipal Plunge to train, exercise and stay healthy, by lap swimming up to 4 days per week between the hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, at the Culver City Plunge. It is my understanding that your administration ordered the elimination of these lap swimming times used by both adults and minors.

As you know, Sony Studios is diagonally across the street from the Culver City Plunge, and Sony Entertainment is a large employment provider in your great city. Because the entertainment industry does not constrain itself to the typical 9-5 work day, many adults, like myself, are either in the entertainment industry or provide services to those that work in the entertainment industry. I believe it is important for your administration to consider this when providing services too. For most of us, it is the only time that we have to work out due to our out-of-the-norm work schedules.

Health Benefits

A study conducted by The University of California Berkeley found that the benefits of lap swimming “improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers cholesterol levels, … and places less demand on the heart than running and other sports.” Additionally, it has been proven that lap swimming can “help you lose weight, reduce body fat and waist circumference, while toning all major muscles (arms, shoulders, hips, legs). Swimming is also a good way for runners and cyclists to cross-train, since it uses different muscles.” The Culver Plunge serves many triathletes from the LA TRI Club and the California Triathlon Club. The Plunge also serves Southern California Aquatics (SCAQ), an adult swimming fitness group. I personally train and coach with SCAQ, as I am a U.S. Masters Certified Level 2 Swim Coach. Studies have also shown that swimming can help with arthritis and back-pain relief. I had a tumor removed from my spinal cord and I now use swimming to help me with my back-pain relief.

“A 2009 Turkish study found that aquatic exercise helped relieve chronic back pain better than a land-based program. Also in 2009, a Belgian review article in Clinical Rehabilitation found sufficient evidence to conclude that aquatic exercise is a safe and effective way to relieve chronic low-back pain. And a 2006 Swedish study found that water exercise reduced the incidence of back pain in pregnant women. Working out in water reduces the stress on the spine, promotes muscle relaxation and improves joint flexibility.”

The summer schedule change is quickly approaching and will change before your next scheduled meeting. I kindly ask, if it’s not too much trouble, that this matter be given immediate attention. Your responsiveness to the city’s concerns thus far in your term of office make us certain that you will give equal weight to our request. Please reevaluate the policy change of the elimination of lap swimming times, to allow for at least 3 to 4 Long Course Lanes between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, which will also allow minors/children to enjoy the diving boards and shallow-water areas at the same time, and allow SCAQ to have a minimum of 1-hour during the recreational and lap swim time, which serves between 35 to 45 adults every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


Kenneth Rippetoe

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