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One with the Water is proud to announce a national corporate sponsorship with Golden State Home Entertainment, a Premier Partner who is now offering DirecTV specials that will directly benefit One with the Water.  When you sign-up with Golden State Home Entertainment, they will donate 5% of your monthly bill directly to One with the Water swim programs, just use the code OWTW.

I personally use Golden State as my DirecTV provider. After getting a DirecTV special offer with Golden State and Mr. Elias Rehman, the company’s president, I am not only saving $400+ a year but I now get more channels and have an upgraded DVR (I can record up to 5 shows at once)!

As a Premier Partner Golden State Home Entertainment offers DirecTV specials that are not available directly through the normal corporate offices such as 2-yr price guarantees, 50% off on premium movie channels, local customer service with greater accountability and many other benefits.

Along with DirecTV specials, Golden State Home Entertainment also offers Smart Home/Home Automation and Security Camera Setups as well as Home Theater Systems. Please note that with a Smart Home Setup you can save 10%-20% on your Homeowners Insurance as well as 15%-25% on your monthly utility bill!

As part of the Corporate Sponsorship, every person throughout the US that decides to call and save money using Golden State Home Entertainment as their provider of choice will instantly start saving on their utility bills and television services. And, Golden State will donate 5% of the price of your monthly bill to One with the Water, just use the code OWTW.

So you win and One with the Water wins! Call Golden State Home Entertainment President Elias Rehman at 1-818-860-8658 to find out how much money you can save today!

Other Corporate Sponsors include Amazon through, Loaded Boards, the LA Tri Club, and many others.

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