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As I swim around today, I think about how much I am thankful for.

kenny-gives-thanksI am thankful for my family who loves me and want me to follow my dreams. I am also thankful that I am a dolphin. I give thanks that I can swim wherever I want, whenever I want, the sea is the limit!

I am thankful that I can feel so much joy when I am swimming around a beautiful coral reef. I am giving thanks for all of the beautiful colors that I see in the water. I am thankful of all of the beautiful creatures that I see in the water. I give thanks for do many things. I am feeling thankful for all of the other creatures that I have met while on my water adventures so far!

I have met some incredible young humans who are truly one with the water as well. I am giving thanks for my friends like Daniel-Puti, Julian, Rosa, Amanda, Ethan, and Mar. I am thankful for their kindness and gentleness. I give thanks for their passions like sea dragons, vaquitas, and turtles. I am thankful for their spirit and the happiness I feel that there are such good and kind people in the world who care about all creatures big or small no matter where they live. I give thanks for my cousin Chloe who I am just getting to know. I am so thankful for my new little travel buddy Jairo.

I give thanks for biologists and conservationists who are trying to learn more about life in and out of the water so that they can protect and nurture that life because we are all connected.  I am so very thankful for the water because, without the water, there would be no life on our wonderful and beautiful planet. I give thanks for the warm sunshine and the wonderful waves. I am thankful  for the color blue that is both the sky and the water.

I give thanks for being able to swim and dive and jump and splash.  I am thankful for people who clean up the ocean and try to make it a safe and healthy place for all of us. I give thanks for people who try to help and protect endangered animals. I am thankful for people who help children with special needs and children who are in need.  I give thanks for all of the loving and kind parents and grandparents in the world.

I am thankful for currents and coral reefs. I am thankful for the air and the wind. I give thanks that I can hear children laughing when they see a baby dolphin swimming their way.  I am thankful for clownfish and sea anemones. I give thanks for eels and seals. I am thankful for angels and mermaids that I meet in the water.  I give extra thanks for all of the wonderful experiences that I have had and I am thankful for all of the wonderful experiences that I am going to have. I give thanks for everyone who loves dolphins!

There is so much to be thankful and grateful for. I am thankful that I am one with the water. I am thankful that you are One with the Water too. What are you thankful and grateful for?

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