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kenny-meets-kilary-and-sandyIt was difficult to leave Tortuguero because it was such an amazing place, but I eventually had to. Jairo came with me which made me happy because he was just a baby and I worried about such a little turtle in the big ocean, and it was really nice to have a travel buddy. We headed south and eventually ended up off the coast of a place called Manzanillo. While I was there I met another wonderful little girl and a fascinating bird!

While Jairo was taking a break to rest near a reef I decided to swim in closer to shore to check out the coast. On the beach, I saw a beautiful little girl walking along the beach picking up things and putting them in a bag. I wondered what she was doing, so naturally, I introduced myself!

“Hi, there! My name is Kenny!” I said.

“Hi there Kenny, my name is Kilary.”

“What are you collecting there? Are they seashells?” I asked.

“No, I am collecting beach almonds,” Kilary said.

“What are you going to do with all those almonds?” I asked her. It seemed like a lot of almonds for a little girl to eat.

kenny-and-sandy“These almonds are for the macaws,” she explained, “the great green macaws. They eat mountain almonds normally, but those are not in season yet. Beach almonds are always in season and the macaws love them too.”

“Can’t the macaws get the beach almonds themselves?” I wondered.

“Yes, of course, they can! See, there is one now.” Kilary pointed. Sure enough, a large beautiful green parrot was looking down at us. He had an almond in his hand and was munching loudly on it.

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