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Summer is almost here, and with over 75 miles of coastline and close to 50,000 pools in LA county, it’s time to talk about kids and water safety. Statistically, drowning is still the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14, and accounts for 20% of all drowning deaths that occur. When it comes to summertime and swimming, there a few skills we recommend children master before anything else happens! 

1. Introducing babies to the water. At One with the Water, we are passionate about the science behind our coaching methods. We know that when the forehead is stimulated, infants tend to hold their breath. We use the bradycardic reflex to help them with their comfort level in the water. 

2. Teaching a child to get out of the water on their own. Most children are so surprised by sudden entry into the water that they become disoriented and overwhelmed. One of the first things we do is teach them to safely exit the water. 

3. Teaching a child to turn over from their stomachs to floating on their backs. Learning to float is a valuable skill that can keep a child from panicking and going under. 

4. Teaching a child to kick to safety. Kicking is the foundation to learning the core strokes of swimming. Isolating their kicking improves strength, technique and builds confidence in your child. 

At One with the Water, we offer premium swimming lessons to help your children enjoy the water with safety and success this summer. In one 8 week session, your child can safely master these essential skills to staying safe in the water.

Our current locations include options in Burbank, Culver City, and Santa Monica.

Saturday options:

  • Burbank 11:30 – 2:00 pm
  • Culver City Plunge 09:30 – 1:00 pm (every Saturday all year)
  • We currently have a Parent and Me (baby class) at 10 am every Saturday in Culver City.

Sunday Options: Santa Monica Swim Center (Sundays 3-5 pm)

Register now for safety and success in the water!

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