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Politics. Religion. Money.

Some of our dearest friends adamantly declared, within a few days of us meeting them, that these three topics were always off limits. They’d lost too many friends after engaging with one, or all three.

After this week, I won’t talk about the first two, I promise, but we have to talk about the money! What we need, what we use it for, how to give it. After all, we are asking you to hand it over. It’s only fair we tell you how we spend it.

Financial Transparency

First: Our goal as an organization is always to forward our mission of teaching adults and children to become One with the Water, and do to so in an efficient, transparent manner.

One with the Water® received the GuideStar Exchange Platinum participation level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability. This level is the highest level of recognition offered by Guidestar and demonstrates One with the Water®’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

To be awarded the GuideStar Platinum level, we are required to disclose 100% of our financial data as well as information regarding their success and metrics. The public can easily research our nonprofit report page on for the Platinum level of participation.

Follow the Money

Second: With that in mind, when you choose to be a hero for a special needs child, where exactly does the money go? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Grants and donations to One with the Water pay exclusively for pool space, insurance, and instruction for Veterans, children, and families with limited financial means.

We didn’t realize how big of a miracle we were creating when we started. The long-term miracles happening in these children are astounding. They’re starting to compete in high school and their grades are improving. For the first time, they have a real potential to go to college. ~ Coach Kenneth

Let me break it down a little more for you:

  • $180 a month provides a child access to the life-changing swim team preparing them for high school and college!
  • $275 a month teaches a special needs child the lifesaving skill of swimming
  • $5000 provides education and credentialing for our coaches
  • $10,000 provides six months of pool access

Partner with us today – You can be a hero for one child or ten!

How to Give

Lastly: There are multiple ways to give. For a simple, fast way to donate, click the button below to provide opportunities for programming, operations, instructions, and pool rentals.


Donate Today

Giving Made Easy With Amazon Smile

We are proud to partner with Amazon Smile to lend your purchasing power to One with the Water. AmazonSmile is an easy, and automatic way for you to support us every time you shop, at no cost to you. (Hello Christmas presents, I have four kids!) When you shop at, you have access to the same low prices, selection and convenience of shopping at, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to us! Use the link provided to start shopping now. (Only six more Saturdays until Christmas …. )

Listen, I get it. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to ask for money and can make for difficult family gatherings! But we wouldn’t be us without you. We are so proud to partner with you to save lives, to be a hero! We are stronger together.

In all seriousness, the events of this week on a national scale have been unsettling, no matter where you stand on the issues. Here, in this space and in this moment, you have an opportunity to create real, lasting change for people in your own communities. Be a hero RIGHT NOW to these Veterans, special needs children, and children with limited means. Help us save the life of a child.


Donate Today

~Molly, for all of us at One with the Water.


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