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Guess what!?! It’s quiet at my house, fifty percent of my crew went back to school, and the sound of my children raising Cain isn’t echoing around the continental U.S.

That’s right, it’s back to school season, and you know that what means! (Besides the aroma of freshly sharpened pencils, the clean white of fresh paper, and the advent of boots and scarves for some of us). They aren’t just sharing their summer memories, they are sharing THEIR GERMS. With back to school comes cold and flu season and all the shared spaces are perfect for our little viral incubators to spread the icky wealth.

Back to school immune boosting tips

So we’ve got five immune boosting tips for you to help fight the germs. They may seem obvious, and simple, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to be consistent in the bustle of our busy lives.

  1. Get some rest! Research is clear. Sleep deprivation has a direct correnlation with a weakened immune system. Good sleep produces important proteins needed to perform in a healty immune system. Less sleep equals less proteins and less protection. Ensure regular bedtimes and a healthy sleep environment to promote good sleeping habits early.
  2. Healthy diet is key. We can’t emphasize good nutrition enough! Eat lots of vegetables and keep their diet low in saturated fats. (Think lean meats, unsaturated oils and low fat dairy).  Have picky eaters? Learn the secrets of food disguise with mashed cauliflowers, green smoothies, and so much more.
  3. Eat fishy fats and increase Vitamin C. Omega-3 fats, (most commonly found in fish oils) increase the production of anti-inflammatory response in the body, and help to regulate immunes systems. We are currently on the hunt for the most kid friendly fish oil supplement at our house because that is the most effective way I can ensure they get the good fats! Additionally, daily vitamin C intake helps power the hardworking cells that kill bacteria (Called phagocytes). And because our bodies don’t store or produce it, a daily dose is key.
  4. Reduce sugar intake. Sugar has the opposite effect on the white blood cells that rest and exercise do. A scant 10 teaspoons of sugar can measurably decrease the white blood cells’ ability to fight bacteria. For reference, that is a little less than one and a half servings of chocolate milk or 4 tubes of squeezable yogurt. And one tablespoon of ketchup carries one teaspoon of sugar. Stick to fruit, plain milk, and whole grain breads to help reduce their overall sugar consumption.
  5. Moderate exercise – that’s where we come in! Studies show that moderate daily exercise increases the white blood cells’ ability to fight infection, along with strengthening the heart and lungs to work more efficiently. In fact, moderate exercisers report half the number of cold and episodes when compared to their sedentary peers. Swimming provides the immune boosting benefits of exercise, plus the added bonus of safer, more confident, and mentally healthier children.

Swim lessons for healthy kids

One with the Water provides swim lessons for children of all ages and ability, in group, private, and in home settings. Set your child up for physical, emotional and mental success in and out of the classroom with the life-saving skill of swimming.

And, when you donate to One with the Water, you provide the same immune-boosting health benefits to the most high risk members of the community. Our nonprofit foundation offers need based scholarships to low-income families, children with special needs, and service disabled veterans. We are stronger together!


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