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Like the Chicken and the Egg, which came first? Is it a positive body image mindset or living a healthy lifestyle? Why can’t we have both? People show significant improvement in social well-being and mental health when they live a healthy lifestyle. By facing your everyday tasks through a meditative exercise like swimming, you can be coached into creating a positive mindset that will help you truly want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here what Coach Rippetoe has to say in his interview with radio host Ed Tyll, of the Ed Tyll Show, a Starcom Radio Network Show.


A big thanks to The Ed Tyll Show for hosting Coach Rippetoe! If you want to reap the benefits of swimming, too, check out all the options available for premium swim lessons!
Kenneth Rippetoe

Kenneth is a Life-time member of the American Swimming Coaches Association and holds certifications as a Level 4 Disability Coach & Level 3 USA Swimming as well as US Masters Coach. Coaching since 1985, Kenneth specializes in Swimming, Strength and Conditioning coaching.

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