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How Do You Start Your Day?

It’s Sunday night and as fast as our heads hit the pillow our alarm is going off to inform us our day is beginning. Perhaps you hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time, scroll through Facebook, listen to the news, grab your coffee and find yourself rushing to work. Or maybe you get out of bed well before the sun comes up, lace up your sneakers and head to the gym, listen to some motivational podcast or YouTube video, drink your post recovery protein shake, and set your intentions for the day. Many of you, whether its realized or not, have a morning routine. And while these are just a couple of examples of what a morning routine could look like, you do get to choose which routine works best for you.

How would you like to have a more powerful day?

If you find yourself having a morning routine that represents the former example, don’t worry. It’s not that your morning routine is wrong, just consider that there may be some ways you can make your morning routine more intentional and beneficial in getting your day started off on the right side of the bed.

It’s been said that starting your day with healthy habits and focusing on what is important for you in your life sets the tone for the rest of your day and, long term, your life. Many successful and happy people have a solid morning routine and when success leaves a clue it’s in our best interest to follow suit if we want the same results.

What makes for a good morning routine?

In deciding what your morning routine will consist of, here are some ideas of what you can add:

  • Drinking water, green tea
  • Some form of quiet time, meditation or breathing exercises
  • Some form of personal growth in the form of reading, listening, or watching
  • Some form of physical exercise
  • Visualization of your goals
  • A healthy protein based breakfast
  • Setting an intention for your day
  • Personal hygiene

When creating your morning routine, consider these tips:

  • Wake up consistently at the same time
  • Reserve the first 15-60 minutes of your morning to the routine
  • Build up into your routine (start with 15 minutes and continue to add 5-10 minutes as you create consistency)

Looking for an accountability group and support in getting started with your morning routine?

Join our Morning Mastery Group!!

Our Morning Mastery group is an online community that focuses on jumpstarting your day on a positive note and can be a great introduction to creating your morning routine.  To participate you will need to register below, purchase your healthy breakfast smoothies and energizing green tea, and download the Telegram Messenger app so you can be a part of our online support community.  You will be able to join us for a 1-week trial period to warm up to your morning routine and see if the group is a good fit.

Excited to get started? Register here: Morning Mastery Group

About the Author

Susan Gibson has been coaching her clients on nutrition and fitness for over 7 years, specializing in weight loss and sports performance. She’s partnered with Herbalife Nutrition, the #1 nutrition company in the world. Not only has she helped her clients lose fat, gain muscle and increase their athletic performance, she too has gotten amazing results on her Herbalife nutrition program – losing 7.3 lbs and 3.3% body fat in 25 days!!

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