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Improving Deficits in Communication, Collaboration and Creativity in the Education of the Severely Autistic Child

“The most deficient aspects of the special education system today are 1) a lack of consistent communication and collaboration between, teacher, classroom staff, parents, and clinicians and 2) the tendency to think “generically” instead of creatively about educational and behavioral intervention for the severely autistic child. These issues are most detrimental to the more severely autistic child due to the complexity and uniqueness of some of their behaviors.” By Rebecca Sperber, M.S., MFT.

At One with the Water, we focus on providing quality swimming lessons for kids and adults, with quality service. As part of our training to provide swimming lessons for the Autism Spectrum, we continually research the latest techniques and studies on teaching kids and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want to share our findings with you. Our research helps us to provide safe and effective swimming lessons to your child.

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