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USC Study-See Stars and Your Brain in LA

Child fMRI Study at USC! The University of California is conducting a MIND (Motor InterPersonal Neuroimaging Developmental) Study using magnetic imaging to study the brain. They are looking for children age 8-16 years old who are: 1. Typically developing 2. Clumsy or...

The Science of Swimming: Autism

Ever wonder why we do what we do? Why we are so passionate about teaching children with special needs? Why we care so much about the lifesaving skill of swimming? It’s no secret that One with the Water embraces a scientifically based, whole person approach to...

Surprising New Research: Autism and Swimming

Recent studies have provided startling and potentially worrisome news about Autism and injury mortality rates – scientific jargon for causes of death among people with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD). Swimming lessons are vital to protect the life of a child...
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