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Swim Lessons in Los Angeles

Do you aspire to create change in the world and challenge the status quo?

Do you wake up to inspire others to do what inspires them?

About One with the Water


At One with the Water we believe that people should continuously challenge the status quo. Being at one with the water is not a life or death matter, it’s much more important than that! We focus on helping swimmers, no matter their abilities, to become more efficient and, as we like to say, at One with the Water.


We create miracles in the lives of children & adults, including those with special needs, by teaching swimming lessons & empowering our clients.


  1. We are swimming experts. We teach the best and most efficient approach to the most pertinent skills of swimming: Breathing, Balance, Kicking and Pulling. We break it down to simple achievable goals to help everyone succeed.
  1. We get to know you as a person – your fears and your strengths. Instead of wasting time on building your weaknesses, we work with your strengths to achieve your goals quickly.
  1. We make you feel comfortable and secure. We are certified and accredited coaches with 10,000 plus hours of experience. You are safe with us.

I ask you to join us and help us to teach the life-skill of swimming to enrich the lives of everyone, including children & adults with special needs as well as families with limited financial means, empowering them with confidence & accomplishment.


Coach Kenneth Rippetoe
Executive Director & Founder
One with the Water, a 501c3 Non-Profit
(323) 364-SWIM (7946)

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Meet Coach Kenneth, Expert Swim Instructor

Coach Kenneth lives to swim. His passion is being in the water and teaching others how to be at one with the water. Coaching and teaching swimming since 1985, Kenneth Rippetoe is the Founder and Executive Director for One with the Water. Kenneth is the only Level 3 Disability Swim Coach in Southern California and he is also a Level 2 United States Masters Swim Coach. In addition to 30 years of coaching experience, Kenneth is a former national qualifier, FINA Masters World Record holder and has over 14 US Top-Ten swims.

Meet Coach Kenneth Rippetoe

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