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It’s no secret how passionate we are about swimming lessons. We’ve shared the statistics with you on drowning again and again. We’ve also told you repeatedly how swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning up to 88% and are the number one intervention when it comes to keeping children with autism safe around water. But as parents and caregivers, choosing the right lessons can be overwhelming. That’s why we want to reiterate and share our coaching philosophy with you here on the blog.

At One with the Water, we talk a lot about the power of a growth mindset in every area of our lives. We believe that how you teach is just as important as what you teach when it comes to swimming lessons because we believe in equipping our clients for success in all areas of life. It informs every part of our coaching, teaching, and decision-making process. So what exactly is our coaching philosophy?

What is the Coaching Philosophy at One with the Water?

At One with the Water, we teach swimming lessons using a Growth Mindset approach. This is a foundational pillar of our coaching philosophy. Pioneered by Dr. Carol Dweck, the Growth Mindset is predicated on the simple belief that while everyone’s starting point may differ, our most basic abilities can grow and develop with consistent hard work and dedication. As authority figures, the messages we send to students and clients about success can often cause them to fall into the fixed mindset, as their success breeds a fear of failure. If success means they are smart/talented/brilliant/athletic, then failure means they are the opposite of all those things. At One with the Water, we praise our clients based on the growth processes used to perform – practice, study, effort, consistency, and persistence — and connect it to the outcomes, successful or not. And we are always developing new strategies and approaches. Because everyone is different. Because everyone learns in a different way.

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