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Open Water Swimming LAMy brothers-in-law recently competed in Ironman Maryland. Our family came from all across the country to cheer for them. The Ironman triathlon is 140.6 miles of grueling competition. A 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. It was the second Ironman for one brother, and the first for the other. As a family, we couldn’t have been more proud – finishing an Ironman is no small feat, even for these two accomplished athletes. They have been training for years to run these races.

It’s easy to look at their accomplishments and think, “Oh I could never do that.” It’s easy to discount our abilities, to never start because the end goal is so far away. But every journey has a clear, sometimes very humble beginning. (Remember Coach Kenneth’s first swim lesson!) We call it five-meter targets in our house – we set our goals in increments. Take five small steps on the way to 140 miles. Or the top of the mountain, or the weight to lose, or whatever your Ironman happens to be.

Open Water Swimming

At One with the Water, we want to give you the confidence to take the first step. (Or stroke!) For some of you, it may be an actual triathlon. The swimming leg of a triathlon is often the most difficult and challenging leg for triathletes. Our open water swimming program in Los Angeles focuses on proper swim technique, breath training and endurance conditioning in the open water environment. And finally, our specialized open water swim program gets you comfortable swimming in the open water and will help you feel more confident in the swimming leg of a triathlon race.

Open water swimming is rapidly increasing in popularity, not just in conjunction with triathlons, but as a sport in its own right. Open water swimming comes with all the same benefits of regular swimming. Increased endurance, increased muscle tone and strength, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased flexibility, weight control, and stress relief, to name a few. Plus, swimming in open water offers increased resistance when swimming in currents, is easier on skin and hair then harsh chlorine, and for many, it is mentally and physically refreshing to experience the changing environments. Whatever your reason, we can get you outdoors and in the water!

Start Your Journey

Maybe your first step isn’t toward the finish line, but towards conquering fear. Or anxiety. Or a healthier, happier whole self. Regardless, we have a program that is right for you. Let Coach Kenneth, Kenny the dolphin, his special friends, and our skilled staff of professional coaches help you to become one with the water.


Want to help others start their journey? Want to help us make a child’s life better? Partner with us today to teach economically disadvantaged children, special needs children, and Service-Disabled Veterans to become One with the Water! Be a hero today! When you donate now, you can help reduce the risk of drowning for children by up to 88%! Be a hero and help us save the life of a child.


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