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Coaching is key to success for US Masters Swimmers.

One with the Water is proud to announce founder and head coach Kenneth Rippetoe is now a Level 3 certified U.S. Masters Swimming Coach.

The US Masters Swimming is a nationwide, membership based nonprofit offering benefits to over 50,000 Master Swimmers around the country. These benefits include liability insurance, sport specific publications, sanctioned events, and more. USMS programs vary by location but the majority of programs include certified Masters Coaches on the pool deck. The highly trained coaches create and implement workouts and provide expert feedback and training.

By increasing his U.S. Masters Swimming Coach Certification to level 3, Coach Rippetoe continues to work hard to provide expert, quality coaching to swimmers of every age at every stage

“As a swimming and strength coach, it’s important for me to keep up with my education in order to continue to add value to our clients. My certifications let them know that I take this very seriously and they’re going to get the newest and best information to help them live a healthy and happy life, and a safe, smart workout when they’re with us.” – Coach Rippetoe

Adult Swim Lessons

From non-swimmer to competitor to triathlete, One with the Water adult swimming lessons provide a personal and customized swimming program designed to increase your skill, comfort level, and safety in the water.

And if you are a swimmer over the age of 18, consider all that a US Masters membership can do for you.

Congratulations again to Coach Kenneth, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. (Remember that whole “Wait 30 minutes after eating to swim” is, in fact, an old wives tale favored by grandmas everywhere.)

As you give thanks this week for all that you’ve been given, would you consider using your resources to help your community? Aside from being the best swim school in LA, One with the Water is a nonprofit foundation specializing in teaching the most vulnerable members of our community the lifesaving skill of swimming. But we can’t do it without you.

Donate Today

By donating directly to our nonprofit foundation, you can help reduce the risk of drowning for at-risk populations by up to 80%. Thanks for being a part of our One with the Water family!



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