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As 2018 draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment and say thank you. We can’t do what we do without your support. With your help, hundreds of children have learned the lifesaving skill of swimming, reducing their risk of drowning by up to 80% and creating happier, healthier, stronger kids and communities.

Unfortunately,  we can’t afford to rest on those numbers. Here’s the bad news.

The Problem

According to the CDC, approximately one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries. The rate of near drowning is much higher, as not all near drownings are reported. With its miles of coastlines, a multitude of natural freshwater bodies, and an abundance of swimming pools, Californians are at increased risk for drowning and near-drowning incidents, with drowning being the leading cause of accidental death for children between the ages of 1 and 4.

Children with special needs face a higher risk of drowning, as well as other barriers to a healthy, fulfilling, more active life.

  • Among children with autism, the risk of drowning increases exponentially. “Our analysis reveals that children with autism are 160 times as likely to die from drowning as the general pediatric population. Wandering often occurs with autistic children, and because children with autism often have limited social and communication skills, they may seek out bodies of water as a serene place to calm themselves and relieve anxiety. Often with tragic outcomes. Given the exceptionally heightened risk of drowning for children with autism, swimming classes should be the intervention of top priority.” – Dr. Li
  • Children and youth with disabilities are at higher risk for experiencing lower levels of social-emotional well-being than their peers without limitations. They are more likely to be bullied and harassed, have a limited number of friends, and engage in fewer extracurricular activities than their peers.

Drowning prevention for members of our most vulnerable populations is literally a matter of life and death.

Now for the good news. We have a solution, and it’s simple.

The Solution

Lifesaving swim lessons, creating safer, happier, healthier, more confident kids. We can’t do it without you. As your year draws to an end, consider giving to One with the Water as part of your year-end giving plan.  

Finish strong by saving lives. Join us by donating to help provide need-based scholarships for high risk, high need children. When you give to One with the Water, you impact a child’s life on every plane – mentally, physically, and emotionally, for their lifetime. Donate today to provide the lifesaving skill of swimming to those who need it most.

Again, we are incredibly grateful for your support of One with the Water. We look forward to serving you in 2019.


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