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Regressive Periods of Functioning: Treatment and Coping Strategies

“When you think about a regression, words like fear, loss, and failure often come to mind. By definition, a regression means going backwards, or in terms of human functioning, the return of previously alleviated negative symptoms or patterns. The autistic brain has difficulty being able to consistently regulate and integrate different sensory processing systems, which creates an unstable pattern of progression and regression in the functioning of ASD children.” By Rebecca Sperber, M.S., MFT.

At One with the Water, we focus on providing quality swimming lessons for kids and adults, with quality service. As part of our training to provide swimming lessons for the Autism Spectrum, we continually research the latest techniques and studies on teaching kids and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want to share our findings with you. Our research helps us to provide safe and effective swimming lessons to your child.

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