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I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week mulling over what we are trying to accomplish here at One with the Water, and why you should choose us. There is an army of people out there working tirelessly to uplift, elevate, and serve their neighborhoods, communities, and countries. What is it that we do that matters so much? And I could answer this a million ways to Sunday. I’ve got statistics and studies and stories to back up everything we say, practice, and believe. Today though, I’d just like to share with you three things that go beyond swimming, three things that speak to our heart, philosophy, and drive.

Three reasons you should donate your dollars, voice, and time.

One: Our heart.  Coach Rippetoe was recently featured in VoyageLA’s Inspiring Stories and he says it best.

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One with the Water is not just about being a swim school. We are about sharing with others our passion for being in the water and living. The peacefulness we gain from swimming is something that has become greater than a life-or-death matter to us. Swimming is our passion. It is our escape from this world and its over-stimulation. Teaching people about our passion and helping them to achieve this peacefulness is our mission.

Two: It’s not just about swim lessons. One of the things we are most proud of (behind our dedicated, professional staff) is our whole mind-body approach and our use of the growth mindset in encouraging and coaching our swimmers. According to Dr. Dweck, one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of personality, social psychology, and developmental psychology, people with the Growth Mindset learn to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, and intentionally seek out new challenges; They have learned that circumstances and ability matter less and effort matters more. We are committed to our clients, mind, body, and soul.

Three: Lives are changing. I can’t emphasize this enough. Remember, the number one and two barriers to differently abled children participating in sport is the social stigma associated with their conditions plus the cost of participation. But the research is clear. One study (among many) found that when participating in sports, adapted athletes believed they exceeded the expectations associated with their specific disability, specifically by the demonstration of a fit, muscular, and liberated body exhibiting physical skill.

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“Participation in this setting is unexpected and emphasizes an alternative representation of a disabled body.”

And the health benefits are well-documented. Swimming provides measurable health and therapeutic benefits for our special needs community in and out of the water. From better balance and gross motor skills, to improved speech and communication, our athletes are changing their lives by learning to swim. Their risk of accidental drowning plummets by 88%. Being a part of a team reduces isolation and creates positive peer relationships that carry over outside of the pool, and they have the confidence to conquer their fears.

Your money matters.

Communities are changing. Families are changing. Lives are changing. Don’t miss your chance.

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