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The hottest movie right now is Wonder Woman! I’ve seen it twice and plan to go another time or two. It’s that good.

I know that there have been some controversial articles about it, but the main point is that a woman can be feminine, beautiful, compassionate, empathetic, a goddess, princess, nurturing, maybe not all at the same time, all the time, but at least when she needs and wants to be. Mama Gena and Lisa Haisha are my favorite life-coaches for women. They’ll teach you to manage your time and wear different hats. Me, I can help you to become Wonder Woman – a strong independent woman – through  swimming and strength training.

Barbell Strength Training

Barbell strength training provides you with the most efficient way to gain strength, lose fat, and increase your conditioning. Focused on just 5 exercises, you can work the body’s most muscle mass at one time per exercise, using your body as a beautiful system as it was created to be.

One of my clients was featured in an article in the Huffington Post article, “9 Women On Why They Switched From Cardio To Weight Training” by By Stephanie Hallett

You can read it for yourself as it speaks about a lot of women that are switching to weight training, or at least adding it into their exercise programs. I don’t coach people for exercise, I train them for life. There’s a difference and until you’ve taken a few sessions with us, you’ll start to understand the difference, too. For our client,

“… the weightlifting is literally cutting through the fat. I am being trained by Kenneth Rippetoe of One with the Water. This is all foreign to me and I have tremendous resistance. My attitude doing it is not very good. But afterward, I feel really good.”

I always recommend a weight lifting program that is progressive in nature, efficient in accomplishing it, and uses the most muscle mass in your body for each exercise. Isolating your muscles with curls, or on silly machines just isn’t going to accomplish the same thing and will not give you the overall outcome of becoming Wonder Woman. Spoiler Alert: In the movie, Diana trained for decades, starting at a very young age to become strong enough to kill a god. Granted, she too, is a god, but without the long-term training and coaching, she would not have saved the world.

The world needs women to be strong, loving and nurturing. Adding barbell training to your workouts, will help you get there. Just be ready to face the gods when you get out of your comfort zone. No other exercise or tool can do that better than a barbell.

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