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Anxiety Free Swimming Lessons

One of the many life-improving reasons we teach swimming here at One with the Water is first to empower you, the client. Second, we want to build your confidence and awareness of the water.

A central part of our philosophy is providing an anxiety-free swimming environment. We want you to gain certainty and comfort in the water! One of our primary goals is to increase students’ safety and security level in the pool.

Sources of Anxiety

There are many valid reasons people are anxious and afraid of the water:

  • First, some people have an instinctive fear of drowning.
  • Some of it is learned from parents and loved ones who themselves are afraid of the water.
  • Another source is from fear of the unknown when looking at deep, dark water.
  • Some fears are present because of previous water-related trauma.
  • And finally, some students come ingrained with improper methods of swim training.

When discussing anxiety and fear of the water, it’s important to remember that there are two types of anxiety. Cognitive anxiety describes the thought processes involved, such as worry and concern about drowning. Somatic anxiety is the body’s physical response. Examples include racing heart, upset stomach, and tight muscles.

Relieve Stress and Swim Freely

At One with the Water, we provide an anxiety-free swimming environment that helps relieve the body’s physical symptoms. As a result, when your body relaxes, it helps to reduce the cognitive fears that so many people bring to the pool.

  • First, we make sure you have the proper equipment before and during your lesson.
  • In addition, our supportive, highly trained professional coaches are trained and equipped to teach children & adults with ADD & ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum, Down and CHARGE syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Sensory Integration Issues, auditory processing disorders, amputation, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, spinal cord injury, obesity, and other disabilities.
  • We select our pool locations for their spaciousness, amenities, and comfort. We provide plenty of room to teach our semi-private and one-on-one sessions. Also, we offer swimming instruction in the privacy of your home for infants, babies, older children, adults and special-needs clients. Finally, we tailor each lesson to meet the students’ specific needs.

Start today with life-saving swim instruction and feel your confidence bloom!

Have you already experienced what swimming can do? Partner with us today. Help teach economically disadvantaged children, special needs children, and Service-Disabled Veterans to become One with the Water! When you donate now, you can contribute to reducing the risk of drowning for children by up to 88%. In addition, your donations help us to provide essential therapeutic and emotional support for children and Veterans with disabilities. You can be a hero, and help us save the life of a child. Want more details? Visit our foundation page to see how you can be a hero and save lives.


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