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Making The Right Choice In Swimming Lessons For Kids

Summer is quickly approaching and we realize that when it comes to swimming lessons for kids, parents have a choice.

Our individualized semi-private instruction is perfect for everything from total beginners to kids who already know how to swim and want to join a competitive swim team. We even teach kids who already have years of competition experience. Some parents and kids may be looking for a large swim team because of its social environment, but we believe that kids benefit a lot more from a more personalized program for at least the first few months, in order to build a foundation for a more satisfying, healthy relationship with swimming and competitive swimming.

Many children have a slight tendency toward distraction – we call it “abundant curiosity” – so we mix up the activities to keep your child engaged and prevent boredom. Most children are genuinely eager to try new things and respond well to our coaches’ positive feedback.

All kids process information differently (some learn verbally, others visually, others physically, etc). Larger swim teams are more one-size-fits-all in their instruction style, and it’s much easier for kids to lose focus or feel like they’re just going through the motions in a crowded, wavy environment. We are able to quickly suggest and demonstrate technique fixes that most likely will go unnoticed on a larger team. With our expertise in teaching your child to swim, they will integrate instructions really well.

We mix in dry-land exercises that are great for strength, balance, spatial orientation and anatomical awareness. We are firm believers in the importance of this sort of “cross-training” for swimmers, and it’s not something most teams do until much later in life (and then it’s mostly focused on strength). Having a mix of dry-land and pool-based activity actually gives kids a better framework for understanding verbal swimming instructions. It also makes it easier to correct the “bad habits” and postural imbalances that often develop in swimmers.

We appreciate that you choose One with the Water for swimming lessons for kids and we understand there may be other factors in your decision. We enjoy working with children and would love to be involved with launching your child’s swimming career. Contact us today to find out about our latest specials and programs.

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