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Swim season is heading into full bloom all across the country and we here at One with the Water want to remind you of two essential things regarding your child and swim safety.

First: Swim lessons matter. Drowning is preventable.

Just a refresher. For the past two and a half decades, an average of 10 people drowned PER DAY. Additionally, one in every five fatal drownings happens to children under the age of 14. Beyond those numbers, for every one child death, another FIVE more were sent to the emergency room with immersion injuries.

Fortunately, swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by a staggering 88%, creating safer kids and smarter adults.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children as young as one start with swimming lessons in order to reduce their risk of drowning, and live safer, healthier lives. The bottom line? Your child needs swim lessons. Which leads me to point number two – not all programs are the same.

Not all swim programs are the same.

Who is teaching your child and what they are teaching them matter a great deal. Below, we’ve listed some essential items to check for when choosing a quality swim program.

  • Instructors are experienced and qualified through nationally recognized programs, and CPR – trained lifeguards should be available.
  • Instructors are teaching water safety first and foremost, in and around the water. Water competency skills like self-rescue are a foundational piece of any good swim program. These are critical to ensuring the safety of a child who finds themselves in the water unexpectedly.
  • Instructors allow parents to watch the class to determine if the program is a good fit, if their child is getting an appropriate amount of one on one time, and how the instructors engage with the students.Swim Coaches Training
  • Finally, learning to swim is a progressive task and should occur over a set period of time. Check to see that instructors have mapped out a plan, and necessary skills are increasing. Continue lessons until your child displays competency in the water. *

At One with the Water, our coaches hold multiple certifications in safety and swim, including a Level 4 Disability Swim Coach Certification and Level 3 U.S. Masters Certified Swim Coach with the American Swimming Coaches Association (Coach Rippetoe), and multiple American Red Cross Certifications for First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding.

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