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Functional Medicine The Way to Treat Autism Now

“It is more important to know what patient has the disease than to know what disease the patient has.” So said by the very wise Sir William Osler, whom some call the father of modern medicine, some 100 years ago. People have processes, they don’t have diseases. When we codify processes into diseases, we do it to make things simple to understand and to memorize. But with simplification, context-and insight-are lost. So many chronic medical conditions that are on the rise today, of which autism is one, are poorly served by being reduced to a disease diagnosis.”

At One with the Water, we focus on providing quality swimming lessons for kids and adults, with quality service. As part of our training to provide swimming lessons for the Autism Spectrum, we continually research the latest techniques and studies on teaching kids and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want to share our findings with you. Our research helps us to provide safe and effective swimming lessons to your child.

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