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Coaching For Keeping Resolutions

To all of our dearest members, clients, and donors, I want to personally thank you for a wonderful 2013. We taught more than double the number of clients this year over 2012, and had the most amazing time doing it! Thank you for choosing One with the Water!

I know a lot of people make resolutions and I know that even more people don’t keep them. So, here’s a little advice that I put on my blog this morning. I hope you find it useful.


As we approach 2014 and you reflect on 2013 – the failures, successes, and what almost was, I encourage you to change in 2014 and really make a difference for yourself. If you’re making some New Year’s Resolutions, there are achievable ways to make them into habits. And if you are going to make the resolution into a habit, make sure it’s something really worthwhile!

To keep your New Year’s Resolutions, I encourage you to do the following:

1. Make small resolutions. Choose something that can be achieved in only 30 days or less. It’s been said that if you can do something for 30 days, it will become a habit.

2. Make the goals measurable and incremental. A lot of people say they want to lose weight. If you want it to stay off, then set the goal at 1 pound per week. That’s the healthy way to do it.

3. Find a friend or hire a Coach. By finding a friend with the same goal you can keep each other accountable. Or hire a Life Coach or personal trainer. Sometimes a little motivation from an outside source can go a long way in helping you to achieve your goals.

That’s it. 3 Easy Steps to achieving your resolutions and making 2014 the biggest success yet!

And for extra credit – Learn to swim with One with the Water! It accomplishes multiple resolutions all in one!

From all of us at One with the Water®, we wish everyone a very prosperous and happy 2014!


One with the Water® is the best swim school in Los Angeles offering competitive swim training and year‐round swimming lessons for children and adults with a wide variety of skill levels, from total beginner to competitive athlete. In addition to their national‐level competitive swimming skills, One with the Water®’s swim instructors are trained to work with children and adults diagnosed withautism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration, anxiety, Down and CHARGE syndrome, auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, and others. Founder and Head Coach Kenneth Rippetoe is certified by the American Swimming Coach Association Disability Level 5.

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