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Proper Cardio-Pulmonary Conditioning For Swimming

It has come to our attention, by watching many professional and amateur athletes, that they are not properly conditioned for their workouts. So, starting today, we’re going to help the world become a conditioned body.

Before starting any training program, especially for those over the age of 16, we like to start people’s training from the “inside-out.”

Here is our suggestion:

DAY 1 – TODAY: Walk for only 5-10 minutes breathing only through your nose. Please count the number of steps/strides you take as you inhale and the number of steps it takes for you to exhale. It might only be a total of 3 – 5 steps in the beginning, per breath cycle. The goal is to work up to walking longer time periods (30 minutes to an hour) AND using 1 breath for 18 strides. That’s about nine strides during your inhale and nine to 10 strides for the exhale. Does this make sense? This is the quickest way to proper conditioning for your heart and lungs.

DAY 2: Repeat Day 1 exercise, 2 times in a day.
DAY 3 – DAY 7: Repeat Day 2
DAY 8: Repeat Day 1 exercise, 3 times a day. (3 x 10 minutes = Only 30 minutes)
DAY 9 – DAY 15: Repeat Day 8
DAY 16: Increase the 10 minutes to 20 minutes, 1 time only.
DAY 17: Walk 2 x a day at 20 minutes only.
DAY 18 – Day 25: Repeat day 17.
DAY 26 – Day 30: Walk 2 times a day at 30 minutes each.
DAY 31 – Rest of your life: Walk as much and as far you would like, as long as you are breathing in the pattern established on Day 1!

The really important factor here is that you maintain the breathing pattern through the nose, never the mouth, and to only add SMALL increments of time in order to increase your breathing and cardio conditioning. Take it slowly to reach that goal of 18 strides per breath cycle. You can do it!

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