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At One with the Water our swimming lessons programs involve not only just learning to swim, but also teaching proper and great swimming technique. We continuously develop swimming skills for all of our clients. Saving lives is our first priority, and then second, continuing to nurture a swimmer’s curiosity and desire to swim competitively or leisurely.

At our swimming lessons for children and our Dolphin Swim Team practices, we take technique very seriously. Without technique, a swimmer limits their ability to swim beyond their current level. In a recently published article on the same subject by John Leonard, “The Real Limits on Your Child in Swimming,” Mr. Leonard informs coaches and parents that they should, “make sure your swimmers are focused on learning good technique in all starts, turns, and strokes.” One with the Water whole-heartedly agrees with Mr. Leonard.

It has been said that the biggest enemy of great is good. If an age group swimmer has good technique, it’s very challenging to get them to change it if they “feel like” they are being successful. ~ Mr. Leonard

We have had numerous clients come to us and fight us on changing their technique. At a young age, typically teenagers, within a few years, they’re most likely going to end their swimming career, either because they have plateaued or gone on to other interests, but not because they burned out. We teach technique and love of the water in order to help swimmers have a lifelong career and pursue a college swimming scholarship if they so desire.

One with the Water coaches believe that only after technique is corrected can you learn to swim faster, and to learn to swim faster, you have to train with fast swimming. We could discuss the mechanics of fast swimming: stroke rate, technique, and training, that would be volumes of information, and that’s something that takes time to develop in a swimmer. The bottom line: swimming lessons and the importance of technique should be your first priority, when choosing swimming lessons with One with the Water , we guarantee that you’ll be provided great quality swimming lessons from professional athletes and certified coaches and personal trainers.

I personally have taken lessons from Olympic coaches, since my high school days in Texas, training during the summers with Coach Eddie Reese and his staff at the University of Texas, to attending sessions with the Race Club’s Hall family. I can tell you that you cannot change your stroke technique overnight. I suggest that you expect it to take anywhere from six to nine months to re-learn to swim with great technique. Putting your new stroke into practice is a process that requires patience and being gentle with yourself, and lots of thinking while swimming. It is VERY difficult and mentally strenuous to train and think about your stroke at the same time. It’s mentally exhausting when compared to swimming laps and laps with bad or just good technique – it’s an incredible workout!

So, today, I leave you with these tips from Mr. Leonard:

1. Parents, make sure you swimmers are focused on learning proper technique in all starts, turns, and strokes.

2. In early years, through early teens, de-emphasize “winning” in favour of focusing on technique improvements, and only coaches can measure this.

3. Realize that “training more” will make you really good at poor technique unless you also improve your technique.

4. Coaches, read the above and make sure you “get it” as well as parents do or better. (Parents, rest assured, One with the Water coaches “get it.”)

A swimmer with quality technique has NO LIMITS to their ultimate performance.

The converse of that statement rings true, too loudly in most cases. So, parents and adults looking for swimming lessons, do yourself a long-term favour, and choose One with the Water to learn to swim.

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